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Cleaning and caring for your Emya Nordic Coverall - Kids onesie for outdoor use

The Coverall | Kids Onesie | Baby Romper | Outdoors | Winter Onesie - In color Morning Dew

Is your toddler loving their new coverall? We have taken great care to ensure your child gets the most fun out of autumn and winter play - but we also want to help you make sure that your Emya Nordic Coverall lasts throughout the season and beyond.
Quality clothing is our passion and with the right care, you will get years of love out of your Emya Nordic coveralls. These baby rompers are hardy and low-maintenance, they can be re-used and then used again, passed down to siblings, cousins or friends for many years of adventures.

Now, if there’s one thing we know at Emya Nordic it’s that no busy parent wants an extra, complicated item of clothing to navigate through the wash - where socks go to get divorced and fussy clothing often doesn’t make it out alive. With that in mind, we’ve made sure caring for your coverall is simple, fuss-free and rarely requires the washing machine - all you need to remember are these three rules:

1. For Simple Mess, wipe down with a damp cloth and air dry.
2. For Big Mess, run it through a 40-degree washing cycle and air dry.
3. For long-lasting foot straps, make sure they are placed in the centre of the shoe, directly under the arch of the foot.

The Coverall | Kids Onesie | Baby Romper | Outdoors | Winter Onesie - In color Polar Night Sun

Kids Onesie Care Tip #1

Simple Mess

Most of the time your coveralls won’t need a full wash. It sounds too good to be true, right? Well, you have our Emya Nordic softshell exterior to thank for that. It’s not only water and wind-resistant but also mess-resistant. Whether it’s a bit of tomato sauce after an over-enthusiastic lunch outdoors or dirt from a tumble at the playground, most daily mess only requires a wipe and dry to be good as new. Simply take a clean cloth, dampen with water, and wipe your Emya Nordic coveralls down. Once you’re done, pop them in a sunny spot to dry off.

The Coverall | Kids Onesie | Baby Romper | Outdoors | Winter Onesie - In color Midnight Sun


Kids Onesie Care Tip #2

Big Mess

Of course, every now and then all parents come face to face with a Big Mess. Crayons on the white couch, DIY toddler makeover using mum’s best eyeshadow, mud fight at the park Big Mess. When that happens, the coveralls can be put through the washing machine on a 40-degree cycle. We recommend washing separately, but they can go in with similar colours. We see you reaching for the dryer door, but please only ever air dry your garment for long-lasting quality.

The Coverall | Kids Onesie | Baby Romper | Outdoors | Winter Onesie - In color Morning Dew

Kids Onesie Care Tip #3

Long Lasting Foot Straps

The elastic straps that hold our coveralls in place are a favourite among our customers, but little feet do give them quite a workout! To keep the elastic fresh and snappy, place them in the centre of the shoe, in line with the arch of the foot. This will keep the weight-bearing parts of the foot, the ball and the heel, off the elastic and prevent fraying or stretching.

And that’s it - as simple as one, two and three! We know play should be messy, so we’ve made sure cleaning up is easy.

Happy adventuring!

x Leena & Terhi

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