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About Us


Emya Nordic was founded by us, Terhi and Leena - two mums from Finland raising our families on Aussie soil. We’re passionate about fuss-free, practical living that lets kids be kids, and takes the pressure off parents.

We became friends as new parents, raising our babies half a world away from home during Melbourne’s strictest lockdown. Spending long, chilly days outdoors under COVID rules, we were both grateful to have a sturdy Nordic wardrobe to fall back on - and that’s where the seed was planted for Emya Nordic.

Emya Nordic combines the names of our Australian-born daughters with a nod to our Nordic culture, just as our brand tailors practical, Nordic essentials to Australian weather. Growing up in Finland, there was one simple philosophy that dominated life - there’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing. And trust us when we say, we had very, very bad weather.

We grew up in small towns closer to the Arctic Circle than the Mediterranean. In high winter, days last just a handful of hours, and temperatures dip so low your freezer can be warmer than the street.

But much like in Australia, our childhoods were spent outdoors. We walked to school no matter the weather, and it’s no uncommon sight in the dead of winter to see babies in prams outdoors, happy as can be. No matter the season, playgrounds are always packed with children - even when the slippery dip is covered in snow.

That’s the power of Nordic dressing - kids have the freedom to be outdoors year-round, kept safe and warm by good quality clothing. 

These days we love nothing more than bright Aussie weather, and we want our little ones to enjoy the sunshine year-round, even as it gets colder. That’s why we launched with a signature piece called a Välikausihaalari. Don’t worry, you won’t have to pronounce that - it’s our all-purpose coverall.

Born in Melbourne in 2021, Emya Nordic combines the best of Australian and Nordic culture to bring you fuss-free, simple dressing that takes the work out of play.

x Terhi & Leena