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Why Weatherproof Kids Onesies are Essential for Cycling Families

Emya Nordic weatherproof kids outdoor onesie, toddler sitting in bike seat wearing kids winter romper

Hey parents and caregivers - Welcome to Emya Nordic's Outdoor Kids Onesies blog! 

Cycling is a fun, eco-friendly, and healthy way to travel. It's a great way for families to spend time together, get some exercise, and explore their local area. But, when it comes to cycling with kids, there are a few challenges to overcome. One of these challenges is dealing with unpredictable weather. This is where weatherproof kids onesies come in handy.

Our Emya Nordic weatherproof kids onesies are designed to protect children from the elements. They are made from durable, water-resistant and windproof, but breathable materials that keep kids dry and comfortable in wet and windy conditions. This makes them perfect for cycling families who want to continue their outdoor adventures even during the colder months here in Australia and New Zealand.

One of the biggest advantages of weatherproof kids onesies is that they provide full-body coverage. This means that children can stay warm and dry from head to toe, no matter how strong the wind is blowing. This ensures that kids can stay comfortable and happy throughout their cycling trip.

In addition to being weatherproof, our Emya Nordic kids onesies are ideal for cycling because they come with reflective elements. These elements are incredibly important for ensuring the safety of children when cycling, particularly in low-light conditions.

Reflective elements are made from materials that reflect light back to its source, such as car headlights. This means that when a car is approaching a child wearing an outdoor onesie with reflective features, the driver can see the child from a distance, even in poor visibility conditions. This added visibility can help prevent accidents and keep children safe on the roads.

Another benefit of weatherproof kids onesies is that they are easy to clean and maintain. They can be machine washed and dried, and the materials used are durable enough to withstand multiple washes. This means that parents don't have to worry about their children ruining their clothes or spending hours trying to clean them after a muddy cycling trip.

Kids wearing Emya Nordic weatherproof outdoor onesies

Cycling is a great way for families to bond, explore, and stay active. However, unpredictable weather can put a damper on outdoor adventures, especially when children are involved. Weatherproof kids onesies are an essential piece of clothing for cycling families who want to ensure that their children stay warm, dry, and comfortable in all weather conditions. By investing in a good quality onesie, parents can enjoy their cycling trips with their children, no matter what the weather throws their way.

Lets go cycle! 

x Terhi & Leena

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