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Encouraging Exploration During Outdoor Play for Toddlers and How Outdoor Kids Onesies Can Help

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Hey parents and caregivers - Welcome to Emya Nordic's Outdoor Kids Onesies blog!

Do you want your kids to be happier, healthier, and more adventurous? Well, you're in luck because we've got awesome tips to getting your little ones outside and exploring the world!

At Emya Nordic, we specialise in weatherproof outdoor kids onesies that are so comfy and cozy, your kids won't want to take them off! And trust us, you won't want them to either once you see the benefits of outdoor play.

First off, let's talk about physical health. Outdoor play is like a mini boot camp for kids - they'll be running, jumping, and climbing all over the place, which means they'll build up strength, coordination, and endurance. Plus, all that fresh air will do wonders for their lungs!

But wait, there's more! Outdoor play is also great for mental health. Being in nature has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety in kids (and let's face it, us parents could use some of that too). And when kids are playing outside, they get to use their imaginations and engage in creative play, which helps with cognitive development.

And let's not forget about socialisation. When kids are outside, they'll have plenty of opportunities to interact with other kids and develop social skills. Plus, they'll learn important life skills like communication, negotiation, and compromise - skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.

So, how can you get your kids excited about outdoor play? It's pretty basic really:

  1. Dress for success: Make sure your little ones are dressed appropriately for the weather. Our weatherproof Emya Nordic outdoor kids onesies are perfect for almost any kind of weather, from light rain to the sunshine!

  2. Get creative: Encourage your kids to use their imaginations and come up with their own outdoor play ideas. Who knows what kind of wild adventures they'll come up with!

  3. Get in on the action: Don't be afraid to join in on the fun! You'll get to spend quality time with your kiddos and get some fresh air and exercise too
Toddlers playing outside in Emya Nordic weatherproof onesies

So there you have it -some tips to getting your kids outside and exploring the world. And remember, with our Emya Nordic weatherproof outdoor kids onesies - adventure ready outdoor rompers - your little ones will be able to play outside no matter what Mother Nature throws their way!

Lets go out and play!

x Terhi & Leena

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